It was during an artists and craftsmen fair that Véronique's vision of art was completely changed. A talented artist, Sophie Cartier, demonstrated her spin art practice which consists of spinning a canvas very quickly on itself so that the paint disperses on it. She used a strange rotating mechanism which piqued the engineer’s curiosity. Having a background in mechanical engineering, she first became interested in the mechanism used by the artist and then was amazed by the works that resulted from its use. Mechanics at the service of art.

It was as if a whole world was opening up to her.

"I had a giddy feeling like trying to imagine the vastness of the universe" she says.

Instantly, all the colors around her were more vibrant, the textures more appealing, and the tones more nuanced. She realized how powerful art can be.

Since this decisive encounter, Véronique has developed a practice in painting and she is experimenting with installation and performance art. In painting, she works under the pseudonym Quenick. To create a genuine artistic identity, she felt the need to dissociate her artistic work from the representation she had of herself.

The artist, originally from Deux-Montagnes in the Laurentians, is currently developing her practice in the Eastern Townships. She has an Attestation of Professional Specialization (ASP) in artistic business management and is currently completing a certificate in visual arts at Université de Sherbrooke. Her favorite medium is fluid acrylic. She is inspired by shades and colors that evoke memories or reflect her state of mind.

Some of her abstract works full of organic shapes are exhibited in Montreal businesses as well as online art galleries. Her work has also appeared in the second book of Art Cible.

Véronique is a committed woman who is involved in several projects. Whether it is by campaigning for the improvement of the working conditions of artists in Quebec or by participating in fundraising to finance women's shelters, the artist takes part in the causes dear to her.