Artist Statement

It is through the movement of a string and the fluidity of acrylic paint that I learn to deal with letting go. By relinquishing control, I allow myself to accept and appreciate the imperfection of the result. I understand the futility of my apprehension and adopt a more indulgent posture towards myself. This practice allows me to extend my learning to my daily life.

Painting allows me to change my perspective in the face of anxiety disorders and phobias that entwine my thoughts. Before, I felt like I was tied up by an invisible rope that barely allowed me to breathe.

From now on, art leads me to see my torments as tools. I use, symbolically, the rope that strangles me to create. I turn my torturers into muses and I exploit my elusive helplessness to detach myself from it.

I explore my subconscious and my intuition through my creations. It is by analyzing and contemplating the final work that I manage to connect the dots and thus decode my perceptions and influences.